A Song NYCFC Supporters Can Get Behind?


NYCFC’s cantor-in-chief?

Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” really has nothing to do with Uruguay. Or football. So, how does it become attached to the Premier League’s best and recently most controversial striker? Because throwing Luis Suarez’ name into the song somehow sounds great to Liverpool supporters.

Now that we’ve established the scant requirements needed to affix a song to a cherished player or soccer club, we can help New York’s newest MLS franchise, NYCFC, come up with a tune we’d like to hear from the stands.

Our blog’s founding members had a days-long email chain about this and we came up with Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me”. Withers’ version lends itself to warmth and support but for NYCFC’s purposes we prefer the defiant, gospel-like tone set by Morgan Freeman and Sandra Reaves-Phillips in this version from the film with the same name. It wouldn’t be so strange. According to terrace song database FanChants, Watford FC tried the tune out but it never hit the heights. Hopefully, New Yorkers inspired by Morgan Freeman’s role as a bat-wielding school principal can change the song’s soccer-related success.

Our second choice, “Fair Eastside”, also comes from the film.

Let us know what you think about our suggestions and if you have one of your own!

And they said “Lean on Me” (the film) was all about test scores. Hmph!



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